Hello Everyone!

A Lifetime of Firsts!

My first time blogging… ūüėČ

This Blog will be a tool to use while taking the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. I am thrilled to begin this process of learning how students learn!

My focus will be towards three main groups of adult learners; people who have an early diagnoses of dementia, their family and friends, and staff who work with people that have a dementia¬†diagnoses. One of the steps towards this goal is to research engagement. How will I¬†engage learners…

  • in the early stages of dementia?
  • that are¬†family and friends of someone with this diagnoses, when they may be in the midst of grieving for what is yet to be?
  • that are staff,¬†and to ask them to consider another way to approach the care regime of someone who has a diagnoses of dementia?
  • I look forward to the learning and this experience.