My day job is a social worker! I love the elder side of the life continuum and especially love the topic of dementia. I am in private practice in Vernon, but see myself as a resource for people in the province of British Columbia.

I especially want to share my knowledge on elder concerns and issues in my practice, but I would also like to teach at our local college; hence my interest in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at VCC!

I like to geocache, visit vineyards and keep track of my adopted elephant “Shukuru” in Tsavo Kenya!


Shukuru ❤

I have found a new interest! I did a half marathon October 11, 2015! I enjoyed it and will be doing it again next year!

An update! April 19th, 2016. There are a couple of things going on! First I have committed to sponsoring two girls for the next four years! In Kenya there are two levels for school: Primary and Secondary. I support two young women that said no to ‘early marriage and female circumcision’. When rescue girls complete primary school there is no one to help them get to secondary school; they have disobeyed their parents by not going through with the circumcision and/or early marriage so in a sense they are orphans. I will not be saying their names on social media but I look forward to bragging about their achievements! Here is a general photo of girls from their Primary School; AIC Kajiado Girls School.


The next update is that I am nearly finished with the PIDP course to which I have reworked my resume…I am beginning to apply for teaching positions! In fact I may be ready to apply to the first one today 🙂 Again I will keep you informed…here is a secret…once I get a position and it is on my resume I am going to apply for my PhD. There it is…I said it.

April 19, 2017 Things change and so have I in this last year. I am happy to report that I completed the PIDP course BUT I did very little applying for teaching positions. I had a hiccup in my health that set me back a wee bit BUT I am back on track and hope to complete the Certificate in Online Instruction. Today is day 2!

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