June 14th: It has been quite the experience getting this blog together. I seem to have managed every aspect of the program except the address! Soon it will be Monday and soon it will be fixed.

The class itself is fabulous, I wish that I was not spending so much time on the conflict of website address and more about what I am learning! I have found many great articles to share on engagement and I have seen many more that are available only for a fee – wait a minute, this college has a library! I will contact them on Monday too!

I am eager to understand how I can get some of my ideas for teaching and programing on to an Ipad. In Maurizio Manuguerra and Peter Petocz  (see article in the resources tab)article they seem convinced that this is the way of the future when teaching in a tertiary environment. I think they are right. I have only glanced at the article and can hardly wait to delve into it as soon as possible.

June 15th: The representative I need to talk to will be in on Tuesday! I can hardly wait to fix my blog problems so that I am able to move on!

June 16th: Another attempt with a blog…it has been a week of learning that is for sure and I am glad to be pretty proficient at making a blog! I have complete this new one in an hour and fifteen minutes! I sure do hope my partner can find me 😉

June 26: This day seems like a great day to submit this assignment!

July 2: Happy Canada Day! (Yesterday)

I received my grade for my blog 🙂

July 29: Completed PIDP 3210 Wow! It was a tremendous learning curve for me but I learned so much! Thanks to Chris Carroll and my virtual classmates!

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