PIDP 3230


Oh my! This is 7/8 I am nearly done…BUT I am going away and I hope to get all the work done before I go! Wish me luck…I have completed all the reading for the course and hope to start it a week early January 4th 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

January 6, 2016…Oh gosh…still waiting…another day has passed. Maybe tomorrow…then I have to hit the ground running!

January 15th!

Oh My! Ask me if I am exhausted? Big Time. Enjoy the video that I pat a kazillion hours into 🙂

Tomorrow I am getting 2 journals done…Africa is calling me…I leave on the 24th 🙂


January 22, 2016 I am about to submit a journal for this course on one of the Hot Potato Topics…I chose a video that I found on cheating. Interesting perspective by Dan Ariely another author/researcher that I have found though PIDP . It is 16 minutes long…sit back and enjoy Dan’s story, and perspective.

February 19th, 2016 in Scotland

Jamie Ashmore provide this video in her Hot Potato topic on peer assessment. It is a favorite of mine 🙂

February 25, 2016

Hot Potato today is asking bout bonus marks and if we feel that this is a viable strategy for teaching…my hunch is that it is not and I found this TedTalk with Dan Pink that suggests that my hunch is correct.

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