Classroom Management

Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion on classroom management this week! I personally really enjoyed facilitated it and enjoyed learning from all of you. There appears to be some very experienced and knowledgeable instructors in this

In summary, I would have to say the most recurring themes/ patterns that appeared throughout all four of the topic threads were as follows  1.) treat adults learners with respect, 2.) provide your class with guidelines and expectations right from the start of the course, 3.) respond to each individual and situation uniquely, 4.) continue to stay connected with colleagues/research current resources in the field and 5.) always be genuine, courteous and respectful of what adult learners in your classes may be dealing with – chances are they’re dealing with allot more (i.e. family, financial issues, health matters etc.) ontop of learning a new skill from you!

From the various sources of information posted this week including lenghy discussions, videos, servings, infographics, journal references etc., there was no shortage of fresh ideas or perspectives on the subject matter.

One topic of particular mention that appeared to spark some intriguing dialogue was the participants reaction to the question regarding there being any susbstantial difference between managing face to face and virtual classrooms. The overall consensus was that both learning environments can be managed with the same guidelines and expectations (i.e seeing healthy boundaries, student policies, class rules etc) however, each enviornment requires its own etiquette and techniques.

Thank-you once again to everyone who contributed to the threads and for making this topic discussion rich and for sharing your knowledge, understanding and tips around the next ways to foster a positive, effective and memorable learning experience for our students.

Good luck to all and next wishes in all your future endeavors.  Hope to see you out there in field doing what you love – teaching!

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