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Dear all,

Thank you for your participation in Group Work discussion forum. I hope you could enjoy the forum and gain useful idea. Sharing some personal experiences of you related to the topic was the most beneficial part of this forum for me because we can find millions of articles by typing some words on “group working” in search engines but discussible personal experiences are not that much in access. During performance of the forum, I faced some resistances of some of the participants to group working which stimulated me and the other members to discuss more about the topic.

It is my responsibility to apologize for some delayed responses to your posts due to time difference and off days in different zones of the sphere which make some troubles for internet connection.   

I appreciate all your time and hope you enjoyed this discussion forum.   

Below you are provided with some detailed report on this discussion forum.

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Discussion Topics (Questions):

11 Topics

– Welcome Note

– How do you define group work? Do you believe on its effects on the process of learning? Are you fan of this strategy?

– Do you explain the advantages of group working to your learners before starting a new project with them? If yes, please explain what are advantages of this action? 

– Do you think most learners tend to participate in group work or working alone? 

– Do you participate in the group working you assign in your class or you just monitor your learners’ group work? 

– What is your strategy if one or some of your learners do not tend to participate in group-work? 

– Please report a practical experience of group work that you have assigned for your learners and explain the outcomes of this experience?

– Please report a practical experience of group work in which you have participated as one of the group members (Learners) and explain your achievements and feeling or any other ideas? 

– What are the most common problems or difficulties accomplished with group work? What are your suggestions to solve them, if any?

– Suggest some models for “arrangement”, “coordination” and “management of a group work. 

– Summary

Most Post Related Topic & Number of Posts:

– Definition of group work

Least Post Related Topic & Number of Posts:

– Student Awareness of “Group Work”,  -0- post

– Co-Participating in group work with leaners -0-post

Participants in the Forum & Number of Posts:

Gloria: 18 Posts

Denis: 6 Posts

Julie: 4 Posts

Lisa: 3 Posts

Samantha: 2 Posts

Julia: 1 Post

Fariba: 1 Post

Mike: 1 Post

Joanna: 1 Post

 Articles and Webpages:

– Group projects aren’t working! (By Gloria)

– Collaborative Learning (By Gloria)

– Group work and team work (By Fariba)

Some solutions for group work difficulties (Ali)

– Implementing a group wok based classroom (By Julia)

– Solutions for some common problems of group work (Ali)

– Group games (Ali)

– Ideas for effective group work (Ali)

Key Ideas:

– Definition of group work

– Advantages and disadvantages of group work

– Performance of group work

– Difficulties and solutions of group work


In a ten days period of this forum, 9 different topics all related to group working were discussed. Each day, started by introducing the specified topic of that day and continued by posts of participants and their replies. All comments were replied considering some hours delay due to time difference in different countries. Some of the participants explained their own personal history of group working accomplished with the outcomes, problems or difficulties. Some of the participants did not support idea of group working even after visiting different experiences of the other members and their results. Difficulties of group working was one of the most abundant discussed topics and some solutions for that shared by the leader of the forum and other members. In some topics, some images and articles were introduced in order to better understanding of the other members. Some model of arrangement, coordination and managing of group working were suggested and investigated. Generally, an introduction, the personal experience of members of the forum accomplished with the methods of performance, outcomes, difficulties, solutions and management of group working were discussed in forum.





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