Learning how to learn

In the Learning how to Learn forum, we discussed:


Learning& Study Skills (SET) – 15 postings

Learning Strategies – 18 postings

Barbara Oakley’s TedTalk “Learning how to Learn” – 6 postings

Josh Kaufmann’s Ted Talk “20 hours” – 13 postings

Metacognition – 7 postings  

Brain Power – 2 postings 


Learning & Study Skills (SET)

Elizabeth Barkley recommends student engagement techniques to get students thinking about learning.

Class portfolio- Artifacts from a specific course + Reflection on them

Resource scavenger hunt- Students will navigate for resources to help support their path and determine what will help them progress academically and personally.

Formative quiz- A way to obtain ongoing feedback on their learning progress

Crib cards- A sheet of paper that students prepared beforehand and that contains information they think might help them answer exam questions.

Student-generated rubrics- Allows students to evaluate themselves as it improves their motivation, interest, and performance in the project

Triad listening- Students work in groups of threes. They are given active roles where they take turns listening and working together

The forum discussed other tools such as:

Students writing their own exam questions, games, group work, portfolios, team building, taking a stand and website searches.




Metacognition, the act of thinking about thinking can be supported in the classroom. It is suggested that this can be achieved by allocating specific time for planning before activities, allocating time at end for reflecting and praising the use of planning, monitoring, and evaluation

– Engaging in tools to help students learn how to think, not what to think.

– Journals from the PIDP program have helped students think critically about learning. Self reflection brings out deep learning.


Barbara Oakley’s Ted Talk

 This talk on Learning how to Learn includes different types of thinking (Focus and Diffuse modes) , the danger of procrastination, the importance of exercise and some strategies on how to learn. The forum allowed students to indicate which points resonated with them and why.

Josh Kauffman’s Ted Talk

In order to learn a skill, one must deconstruct the Skill, learn enough to self correct, remove practice barriers, and practice at least 20 hours.

He states that “the major barrier to skill acquisition isn’t intellectual, it’s emotional” This was agreed upon by the forum who shared passion, optimism and a strong mindset can help learning immensely.


Learning Strategies

In this introductory post, I wanted to assess what individuals do themselves to learn. What are the habits and strategies and are they effective?

Metacognition was introduced here:

Effectiveness of learning strategies was discussed based on this article http://bigthink.com/neurobonkers/assessing-the-evidence-for-the-one-thing-you-never-get-taught-in-school-how-to-learn

Students all had a variety of ways to learn, and some are taking the time to introduce this topic in their classrooms

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