October 8th

  1. What a week it has been! Setting up has taken some time to organize and for some darn reason I am mixing up the digital assignment with the teaching assignment! I think I have it cased now 😉 I know it was the recommendation of Doug to get things set up and I am so glad that I am…this Thanksgiving weekend I am off to Victoria for a half marathon and then it is week two already and a short week at that!
  2. The text is easy to read and as I said in my journal it almost feels like a lit review for a research paper! Which is great! Why not put all liked material in one place for ease of use! And it also makes it easier to have a glimpse at the work of others before investing in a text! So far I am liking Elizabeth Barkley 🙂 Now I need to focus my attention to Sam’s class!
  3. New word! Heutagogy 🙂

October 15

  1. It is already week Two and Wednesday already! I have been following Sam’s class and enjoying the dialogue. I learned another new word; Peeragogy the act of co-learning and co-creating. this is a perfect term to use to describe my style of learning and motivation.
  2. My goal is to get as much done this week as possible. As you are aware I have a private practice in social work; I would like to grow my business, so to accomplish that I am going to attend as many expos and fairs that are focused on elder/senior/55+ people! October 20th I am in False Creek – Vancouver….October 24 & 25 I am in Kelowna! If you are in either neighborhood stop by and say hi! (Montgomery Care is the name of my company). Okay I have lots on my plate…ps. the half marathon was fabulous 😉
  3. OMGosh I made a movie!
  4. Erika’s class!

October 22

  1. I am at two trade shows for 3 days this week…I already mentioned where I am at 😉 Come see me if you can tear yourself away from the books…
  2. This is a continuation from last week and the lessons I am learning from my peers! I especially liked Barbara Oakley when she shared the amount of moves she had in her formative years and how it affected her math skills! I related to her story…grade 1 was the only year I went to one school…grade 2 was the worst, seven schools in one year. Did I fall though the cracks in mathematics? Absolutely.

3. It has been a hectic week but I am now free to enjoy the remainder of this course. Today I was looking at the course forum and Invisible Learning being presented by Denis. Interesting concept and I believe I have been a recipient of this many, many times. How do I explain…I have knowledge on a topic…I know it to be accurate…but cannot recall how, where, or who I learned it from…in retrospect it seems that I learned something with no explanation of where the knowledge came from but it is now a truth or a value that I hold.

October 29

  1. Fariba a classmate posted this article…it is a keeper for me! Why? The article is about the creative learner and it provides examples on how to achieve this level of learning…again I wonder how I might fit it in to my ‘Flipped Classroom’ assignment! Too many ideas…now I need to decide what I will be asking my virtual classmates to do!

2. Just saw this video on Sam’s blog…although the ‘teacher’ seems to be teaching high school students I feel that he makes many good points that can be brought to the adult learner milieu!

3. Here is another good one on space and time being flipped!

4. Now here is the grand daddy of them all! It is long! 20 minutes but I loved it…Salman Khan is making me think differently…man I hate/love that when it happens but I need to get away from it for a bit…it is blowing my mind *poofttt*

This is a revised form of Bloom's Taxonomy

November 5

  1. Okay here we are! The Flipped classroom is a top priority for me to get accomplished in the next day or two…It is mostly in my head and on this website so it is time to get it on paper! My virtual classmates have been doing a great job at providing a dialogue on the many topics that are listed in this section of my blog over the past few weeks…it is soon my turn 🙂

2. This might be good for the flipped class…will read later on today.

Although the two above links are okay they ended up not being what I wanted for the flipped classroom discussion…not that they are bad or wrong it is just that I was unable to make them work.

On the other hand the link below I completely forgot about great conversation to have on the flipped classroom. Grrrr….

3. Just found this while I was learning on Julie’s forum!

4. Found this video on critical thinking forum. There is part one that I need to find.

Love love love this!

November 12

  1. I am going to sneak this on tomorrows blog! I was just on Fariba’s forum responding to a cool post she had on questions! I am going to put my entire post here 🙂

Again, Fariba you have found a very informative and useful website! I, like Sam will be including it on my blog (thanks).

The list of different types of questions seems through and limitless!

My favorites are:

Empowering questions; love love really love this website that I found because of your question on questions Fariba!

I strive to empower people in my work and this ‘knock’ is super good. Not only is it going on my blog I am printing it off and putting it in my daytimer for awhile (yes I still use the old fashioned daytimer 😉 )

Not sure if I am right or wrong or indifferent but I have used this philosophy most all my life. another example of not knowing it had a name 😉

I also enjoy the poem… very good

Rudyard Kipling wrote a short poem outlining a powerful set of questions:

I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

I found this website with some examples of Socratic questions. What stood out for me is that these questions are to enhance your ability to think critically. this is an area that I continue to learn in and need all the help I can get, so that I can be relaxed about the term. I continue to learn.

Chunking questions; the website uses the word probing to describe the strategy of chunking but I see chunking questions as being flexible. I can begin where the student is at in their learning and go either up or down to provide more learning.

2. My virtual classmates are so smart! Collaboration work Stations! Brilliant 🙂 I need to research this…it might be a good fit for how I like to teach! This came from Joanna…thank you!


This video is from Mike! Thanks again Mike! Oh my this is the absolute best 2:53! Thank you so much Mike for sharing this link with us! Why? Well this guy…Hal Gregersen eloquently articulates what I have been trying to say! Our world is changing…period. He name drops…Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos as two people that had “…adults who cared about their questions”! Gregersen says that our future innovators and leaders need an arena to “ask the right questions”…he also quoted Peter Drucker ” getting the right answer to the wrong question” has been the root of gridlock in society. I concur.


This video is from Doug Mauger…instructor for this course. I bought what Jane McConigal was selling with hardly a question. what I have been waiting for, for such a long time. I have been waiting for this generation of gamers/innovators to make their money and buy their houses and then fix our world…and she has a plan! She gave some examples of social issue games that she has already created and in this video she implores the viewer to share her idea with all the world especially third world countries. Which I did immediately to my FB friends in Kenya. I want to see if I can get an email close to her and ask how the Kajiado Girls School that I am associated with could  a relationship…oh my how nice would that be! I love this gals ideas and hope to follow her creative process and be witness to a possible leader!

Also from Doug Mauger. Now this gal was not as dynamic as Jane but man oh man is she doing some great projects in her area of expertise! What I like most in the article is that she says “motivation is the number one driving factor of learning and changing behavior” so for me this goes along with Jane McGonigal in that for social change to take place in the form of a game…we need to be motivated to make that happen! and lets take one of my favorite topics…mental health…so if in society we continue to ignore the plight of people with mental heath issues our world is going to get even more chaotic…so lets find a game that can organize mental health in the same way we have organized physical health and begin to implement ways of helping instead of shaming.


From Julia one of my virtual classmates! Yup, this video is terrific! I think it ought to reassure parents that gaming and simulation is okay…it is part of our future it is how the world is turning! Huge dialogue in our forum about time children spend on games but if they didn’t know the game as a youngster how will they maneuver in the Pulse program? How thought provoking is it to hear from David Williamson Shaffer, Assoc. Professor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison say something to the effect that we have left the Industrial economy behind and are now in the Knowledge economy. I truly believe that we are at a turning point in evolution…I called it the technological train in forum but I think I might be right…especially in my cohort…there are still so many of my friends that can’t turn on a computer!


Another great link from Julia! Oh my! What a video this one is! Hole in the wall…granny in the cloud…on and on it goes…this is a prime example that the more you know the more you want to learn or you begin to question…love that the kids figured out the computer…so impressed of the girl talking about neurons on the brain…I sure do hope their enthusiasm keeps up and is not dampened by a LABEL! Our world…I feel would be so much better if we could step aside and allow these minds to do what they are great at doing!


A link from Joanna. What I like about this article is this steps or a list of considerations…it is full of leads to other websites that can better explain the list! It is a keeper for a long time here is so much to go through 🙂 that is good and bad…I will not be bored for a very long time!

November 19


Just received this from Lisa-Marie virtual classmate! It is a link to how to make a jeopardy game customised for your classroom! This class has been generous in their sharing of great websites to enhance our classrooms. 🙂


I went hunting…in PIDP 3240 one of my virtual classmates showed me away to count all the posts in a thread…now I haven’t tried it yet but wanted to get his video down somewhere so that I wouldn’t have to go hunting again! Thanks Naji 🙂

I figured it out! Many Thanks…Naji!

3. Okay I am starting to get it!

Super cool!

Should I be buying shares in one of these companies 😉

November 26

I. I am finishing while still missing one summary but I am going to snag some of the content from the thread and put it here for safe keeping!

I think that this video is one that I wanted for sure!

It was a great forum!

2. Information from Class Management


Just back online and I noticed some suggestions from Doug!

Self-assessment is a habit of mind that engages one in meta-cognition and reflection. Such reflective behaviour calls for intentionally reviewing our own performance based on criteria that we have internalized. We can think of it as meta-cognition with an evaluative bent

Donham, J. (2010)

 Self assessment gives students practice in monitoring an evaluating their own work, a type of self-regulation behaviour that over time can become a valuable life skill

Ozgul, G., & Sullivan, H. (2009).

 Self assessment has been associated with moves towards developing greater student autonomy and responsibility in their learning

Lew . N., Alwis, W. M., & Schmidt, H. G. (2010

 Self assessment would appear to be an ideal tool to facilitate learning-oriented assessments. It has the capacity to encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning by requiring them to provide their own feedback, contribute to their own assessment.

Willy K., & Gardner, A. (2010)

Will add this to my repertoire of learning!


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