January 6, 2016 Happy New Year Everyone!

Well here we are…I have registered for March 1! I have Doug Mauger as my supervisor, coach and mentor! I am extremely excited to begin but have one more course to complete and a vaca to a glorious land to do first 🙂

I believe in putting your wishes out to the universe so let’s try this one…for my CAPSTONE project I want to include an app! Yes this old girl wants to design an app…with Doug as my mentor I for sure see this happening! All the nuts and bolts are not placed together of course but this is my goal…now you know why I am so excited 🙂

April 7, 2016

Whoop! Whoop!

I just sent in my lesson plan!

I sent in the written assignment a few weeks ago!

Now it is time for the lesson on April 29th. It is an all day workshop about dementia! For the college I will be submitting 1:15 minutes of it…looking forward to the completion…nervous too about the program being done…soon it will be time to find a teaching opportunity! Interviews…phew! Sounds like a lot…

April 19th, 2016

Okay here is the dealy! My instructor would like all documents for the Capstone sent together! My teaching day will be April 29th…Michelle is going to videotape it…I hope I get the portion that I want to send right away from her…I am going to do the reflection on the 30th while it is fresh in my head…and then send all four components…wha-la…complete 🙂

April 19, 2017!

Exactly a year later! This must mean something…the app did not happen for the Capstone but it continues to be my goal to create a dementia app! I have just asked someone of like minds as far as a high value system around seniors issues to partner with me on creating the app. Stay tuned. In the mean time I enrolled in the Certificate in online instruction; the plan is to develop ABC: Alzheimer Basic Concepts from a f2f course to an online experience. Super excited for the possibilities!

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