Adult Engagement via The New Insights

New insights regarding engagement of adult learners is wrapped up in an iPad. During this learning process some of the roles of adult educators has become more diverse.  Technology is the role of the future and within that role is engagement and the challenges of educating adults of all ages.  Although technology has numerous benefits; there is pause and wonder if there is a need to have traditional learning methods along with the iPad.  Traditional learning methods for the mature learner who has not yet jumped on the technology wagon and having the iPad equipped with an app that will take potential students through the curriculum without physically seeing the teacher.

Manuguerra and Petocz mention in their article that the “…net generation…” will require a different style of learning, a style of learning that is conducive to their learning style and their suaveness with technology (p. 63).  The article speaks of a group of people that are students of tertiary care and that by having their curriculum available on their iPad they will be better able to refer back to the app as many times as they require; the role of the iPad therefore provides better understanding of a particular academic procedure or concept. Although not stated in the article this method of learning can be seen to give a higher level of credibility to the instructor in that the role of the  instructor is compelled to provide accurate, currant and relevant information to the learner.

Connie Malamed provides an informative, creative and highly engaging article on website. The article 30 ways to Motivate Adult Learners provides you information on the topic at hand and what roles we the educators and learners might experience. Malamed does what she says, for example, her article is:

  • “relevant”
  •  it provides “knowledge and skills”
  •  it is “build[ing] community (it is on my blog)
  • “group interaction” like minds
  • “witty”,”humor”, and “creative” the page did all of this
  • “busy schedules” wearing many hats; student, mother, wife, employee
  • “Individualized” suitable for the learner
  • “Stimulate the mind”
  • “Respect the audience” everyone has a story
  • 30 “chunk[s]” of “information”

Baby Boomers meet the Net Generation and all of those in between, the challenges of learning and teaching is more complex for this time, but not unachievable; it is just different and will take some time to adjust to the diversity of learners.


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