Adult Engagement via The Trends

The trend is defiantly technology. Ipads are the tool of choice for Manuguerra and Petocz in their article Promoting Student Engagement by Integrating New Technology into Tertiary Education: The Role of the iPad as they specially outline the rationale for the change in adult learners of the Net Generation.

The Net Generation as describe by Manuguerra and Petocz require “enticing educational experiences” and they go on to say that “m-learning” (mobile-learning) is the future trend, especially for engaging younger adult learners, while the mature adult learners may experience an even larger learning curve (p.61). Learning new technologies has its challenges but once achieved, it is very rewarding. A recent example for some in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program might be building a blog!

Another trend that  Manuguerra and Petocz  speak of is the ability to go back to the learning as many times as the student wishes by saying that ” ….the students’ perspective…gives them the possibility of watching the same discussion or explanation as many times as they want…” (p.63). Again they specifically identify that “…technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the ways that learning and teaching are carried out, greatly favoring constructionists and collaborative approaches of learning…” (Manuguerra & Petocz, p.61, 2011).

Sustainability is a by-product of m-learning and a core value of the Net Generation and rather people of all ages. Although sustainability is a stretch to engaging adult learners it is an ideal that is at the forefront of global issues and concerns.

Finally, Manuguerra and Petocz  hypothesizes that the teacher of the past is required to “…offer[ing] the same content in new formats…” , which has given the reader much to think about in terms of teaching elder care (p.65). The trends that has been discussed by Manuguerra and Petocz  have not gone unnoticed, the challenge then becomes on how to implement the ideas. It is hoped that this course is the beginning of the learning; and although I am a novice I have already put some of these good ideas into the creation of a workshop for PIDP 3210!


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