Adult Engagement via the Web-Conference

Although technology was not working with the beep, beep, boops; my partner and I still managed to communicate. At our first Skype session we reverted to using emails to arrange for our next meeting. Our second Skype session we reverted to FaceTime, another first for me. My partner is patiently waiting for me to get the website URL address sorted out on my blog; this will be sorted out with the assistance of a representative at the college on Monday.

I learned that my partner is married, a mother of two children, and that she loves her recent teaching experience at her local college, and she also wonders if education is part of her retirement plan! She is from Salmon Arm, just a few minutes away from where I live and she now lives in the town I was born – small world. We had no problems with conversation she is very personable.

Our engagement with one another went well, we had a great initial meeting despite technological problems and we decided quickly on the topic. It was frustrating that I couldn’t get the URL address and felt that I was delaying my partner from submitting her assignment on the weekend. She later clarified to me that she meant to put no pressure on me.

I realize with this week’s experience that not only is it crucial to be engaged; engagement requires communication, training of equipment and programs, along with patience. It is great to have this blog and I look forward to learning more!

Trena’s comments on adult engagement:

I learned that if you respect your students, act on their interests and pay attention to how they learn and incorporate those into your classroom, engagement should follow. Of course there will always be students you can’t reach- but I feel if we “go with the ” flow of technology and find out what works for those students we are more likely to engage them.  For example- if you have a lesson plan that has students work in groups then present their work in person and not everyone participates or there is not much enthusiasm, ask them how they might want to present and if computers etc are available maybe they can do a slide show, maybe they can text in there answers maybe they can make their presentation into a collage…using what they know likely will help them engage.
I learned that any student can learn and if we are creative in how we deliver our material we should be able to engage our students. 🙂  But also building a relationship and giving some power back to the students will also make them want to engage as they will feel empowered and in control.   

It was a good experience to work with Trena her focus is on children and youth and mine is on elders, and although our passion is at opposing ends of the continuum we have similar ideas on how to engage adult learners.

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